Welcome to ICNMMF-III

Considering the vast importance of multiphase flows in various applications ranging from medicine to aeronautics and the growing importance of Computational Fluid Dynamics in multiphase flows, we are hosting the 3rd International Conference on Numerical Methods in Multiphase Flows (ICNMMF-III), to be held in Tokyo, Japan, from June 26 to June 29 in 2017.

The idea behind this conference series is to have an international high-level meeting, focused on numerical aspects with respect to the latest developments and needs in CFD for multiphase flows. Our intent is to bring together the international community in a focused technical exchange environment.

ICNMMF-III will comprise plenary, keynote, oral and poster presentations; plenary and keynote talks of selected outstanding contributions addressing numerical aspects in advanced methods, and oral and poster presentations on progress in numerical methods for Multiphase-CFD.

As in the past conferences, ICNMMF-III focuses on numerical methods with emphasis on recent developments, new research ideas, techniques, and directions in the field of Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics. Contributions to ICNMMF-III should address central numerical aspects such as conservation, accuracy, fidelity, boundedness, stability, convergence, etc. and/or computational costs, parallelization, efficiency, implementation complexity etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you all at ICNMMF-III.


Shu Takagi and Akio Tomiyama, Co-Chairpersons of ICNMMF2017
Yoichiro Matsumoto, Honorary Chair of ICNMMF2017